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7 Books that Celebrate Girl Power
via @blogher

"Here are seven books that remind us all that girls can achieve anything they set their minds and hearts to.

1. Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women by Catherine Thimmesh

Did you know that a woman invented windshield wipers? Liquid paper? Chocolate chip cookies? Learn the inspirational stories behind some of the most ingenious women ever in this colorful, informative collection of biographies. Readers will also be encouraged to dream up some of their own inventions and will learn how to take their ideas from the lightbulb in the brain to the patent office.

2. Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio and LeUyen Pham

"Where are all the girls?" asks a puzzled Grace, when her teacher shows her class a picture of the U.S. presidents throughout history. Determined to change the face of politics, Grace presents herself as a candidate for President in the school’s mock election. Follow along with Grace as she discovers more about what it means to be a leader and learn more about the U.S. electoral system along the way.

3. Zephyr Takes Flight by Steve Light

Does your daughter dream of flying? Little Zephyr loves everything about airplanes, and sneaks away into a secret world where she can pursue her dream of piloting a plane. This beautifully illustrated book is ideal for the dreamy yet strong-willed girl that lives in in all of our daughters.

4. The Girls’ Book of Wisdom: Empowering, Inspirational Quotes from over 400 Fabulous Females by Catherine Dee

Over 400 famous women, from Maya Angelou to Eleanor Roosevelt, share their words of wisdom in this inspirational tome. The quotes are grouped in 44 categories such as confidence, creativity, friendship and happiness. These inspiring quotes also make great mother/daughter discussion topics, and might just make you laugh, cry or even inspire you to take that next big step. Each quotation also features a brief bio on the author.

5. Bad Girls: Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves and other Female Villians by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple

Beloved children’s author Jane Yolen and co-author Heidi Stemple introduce readers to the more infamous women of history in this collection of bios. Twenty-six notorious women are profiled, from Tituba to Mata Hari. Readers are encouraged to consider these women in the context of their times before passing judgment on their dastardly deeds, and at the end of each chapter, the authors appear in comic format to discuss the guilt or innocence of each alleged villain.

6. Rachel: The Story of Rachel Carson by Amy Ehrlich

As a little girl, Rachel Carson loved to explore the environment around her. She translated this passion into her work as a biologist and environmental advocate. Many say that Carson’s book The Silent Spring spurred the environmental movement, and this book will inspire budding ecologists or indeed any child who loves and cares about the health of our ecosystem.

7. Don’t Kiss the Frog! Princess Stories with Attitude by Fiona Waters

Seven writers have teamed up to offer alternatives to the usual fairy tale endings in this charming and hilarious anthology. The princesses represented are anything but demure, and they use their intelligence, wit and strength to make a mark on the world, encouraging all tiara- and tutu-loving readers to do the same. “

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    I would definitely add Dulcie Dando, Soccer Star by Sue Stops to the list. Even though the book is 20 years old, Dulcie...
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