Because, even though running alone might be safe and comfortable, it is lonely. I want to run with the ones that matter most to me. Even if that is a risk. We need each other. Our struggles are different, but our need for each other is the same. Carry on, warriors.


Aunt Hilda was everything

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kristen loves women and she doesn’t take shit

It’s wonderful how much of this game she is not playing.

I love and respect Kristen Stewart so much UGH

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ONE MORE DAY ! this will literally be my face tomorrow. Hope you like the drawing!

I love this! Any other Orphan Black fans out there? #CloneClub

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Time on the 21 female authors you should be reading.

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Super-Awesome Sylvia interviewed for Girls in ICT Day! She says tech is important to her because “you can shape your future, you can shape your world.” Awesome!

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"In a few hours, I will be getting a preventative double mastectomy as I carry a gene that puts me at an 87% chance of developing cancer. A mastectomy would reduce my chances to less than 5%.

Here’s my farewell letter to my boobs….”

In Rowing, Women Catch Up With the Men

Starting in 2015, because of the intervention of an American investment bank, the women will race shortly before the men on the championship course on the Tideway. Currently, they race a week before the men on a shorter, less difficult course on the Henley Reach on the Thames.”

"Kids should play with Barbie in the way that best helps them explore their imaginations," Rodda said. "For some, that’s going to be putting Barbie in a dress, and for others that means dressing her in plate mail."